Hoodie will help in any situation

Why are hoodies so comfy?

People around the world, especially the younger generation, prefer wearing hoodies. They are flexible and are perfect for any occasion. These are some other reasons why many people prefer wearing a hoodie.

Hoodies are soft, warm and light. You will feel comfortable wearing them especially when you are at home, and you have a blanket on top of you. It also makes you feel comfortable when you are heading outside for a walk. … With hoodies, you will not feel restricted with your body movements

What are the trends for 2021 2022?

Actual sweatshirts for girls differ little from men’s models. This segment of fashion is ruled by His Majesty unisex. Here are the features of the trending hoodies 2021-2022:

  • loose fit or even oversized;
  • large hood;
  • long sleeves that completely cover the brushes;
  • dropped shoulders;
  • characteristic kangaroo pocket;
  • thick laces;
  • inscriptions, drawings, photo prints, stripes;
  • sporty style.

There is no place for glamor and luxury in current hoodies for girls.

What are the fashion colors for 2021-2022?

You can’t go wrong with the classic model. Asymmetrical cut solutions gradually faded into the background, giving way to general oversize. Extravagant women of fashion sometimes buy men’s hoodies. In this segment you can find the very long-cut maxi-jacket. Shortened models are also relevant, right up to the crop top.

The color of the hoodie covers all facets of the palette. If you want a basic item, go for black, gray, beige or white. The latter option is at the peak of popularity, but you will have to pay with the brand of the product.

The accent version of the sweatshirt can be of any juicy shade, from red to turquoise. Also pay attention to the pastel colors. Combined models that combine several shades are suitable.

Celebrate in Style: 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Bow

Tip 1: don’t be afraid of contrasts

Learn to wear the trendiest sweatshirt with the daring swimmer’s method. Dive into the fashion abyss headlong without a life jacket or inflatable ring. The most promising sweatshirt looks involve bold contrasts. It is interesting to contrast a sweatshirt with a hood with a feminine bow, embodied by a skirt or, even better, a dress, for example, dresses of large sizes or oversized. The moods of the 80s and 90s are returning to fashion, when the boundaries between the practical and the romantic are almost erased. Let’s remember our youth and try on a sweatshirt with a floor-length gypsy skirt, pleating, flirty trapeze, strict midi, asymmetrical hem. Another example of a successful pole combination is with office items. It can be a formal jacket with a structured silhouette, business trousers, or both. There’s room in the basic worksuit equation for a casual sweatshirt. The brighter the jacket is, the bolder the bow will be.

Tip 2: layering

“Cabbage” is the most stylish look for several seasons in a row. Often, oversized hoodies are the soloist in these, the main element that brings the bow together. Under the jacket, you can wear golf or a shirt, a T-shirt or long sleeve, a sweatshirt. Pay attention to the fashionable body shirts. Choose a long hem so that the bottom pops casually out from under the sweatshirt. Any type of insulation can be used on top. Depends on the season and the preferences of the fashionista.

Tip 3: keep warm without inhibitions
The beauty of a women’s hoodie is versatility. Modern fashion allows you to insulate it as you like. Wear on top:

  • a coat and a hoodie – a trendy combination, preferably a floor-length model, but a trench coat is also possible;
  • down jacket or short dutik;
  • any jacket: jeans, leather jacket, bomber jacket, parka and so on;
  • raincoat, it is also better to choose a maxi length;
  • a fur coat, bright faux fur or even a funny plush will look good

The choice of footwear is also liberal. It can be massive lace-up army boots, stylish Chelsea boots, spectacular Cossacks or graceful ankle boots with narrow heels. Hoodies and boots are a bold combination that will look spectacular.

Tip 4: add a pinch of sexiness
Continuing the shoe theme. How to make a loose sweatshirt without a hint of a feminine silhouette endlessly sexy? The answer is simple – give up trousers and show slender legs in jackboots. It is clear that for such a daring sexy ensemble, a long jacket is needed that can play the role of a mini dress.

Tip 5: enjoy cozy looks
Don’t forget that the main purpose of a sweatshirt is to provide comfort. Therefore, relaxed images have continued success. Wear all your favorite cozy things with the hoodie: women’s sweaters, jeans or sweatpants, sneakers or sneakers. Focus on convenience and practicality, and fashion fortune will be on your side.

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